Why are Pool Tables Green?

A pool game is one of today’s most popular and beloved sports games. A lot of people enjoy playing pool. This is an indoor game. Almost everywhere you look, you can find people playing this game. You probably noticed how green pool tables usually are. Pool tables can be any color, but green is a common choice. What is the reason behind this? When do pool tables turn green? Is there some secret behind this green table? Is it some kind of What does it mean? In this article, I will try to answer all of your questions.

Why are Pool Tables Green?

Most of the pool tables are green, and the reason behind this color is straightforward. It is not very mysterious at all. The pool tables are green because of their traditions. Pool tables are traditionally colored based on their history and their origin. The grass-colored table symbolizes the lawn. You might be thinking, why and how is the game pool related to the yard? Do we play outdoor games on the lawn, and is the collection an indoor game? Then why is it related to the property?

Why are Pool Tables Green

The pool was an entirely outdoor game. From the lawn game, the pool evolved. It was an outdoor game. It was bought indoors after being bought outdoors. Despite changing the game, they didn’t want to change the concept and kept the resemblance; they made the pool tables green. And that’s how most of the pool tables are green.

The game has changed throughout the years and taken no specific form. This game was a croquet type of play. And it was trendy to play on the open lawn on a pure green surface. But it wasn’t like this at all. It was very different from what it is now.

Pool games originated from lawn games over 600 years ago. The first lawn game that could be recognized as billiards was played in the 1340s. This game was an outdoor game. And it was first taken indoors during the 14th century by King Louis XI of France. He was the first to take this game indoors.

This game was rarely played. This game was played by only the kings and the upper-class community. Any middle-class neighborhood did not take part in this game. It was popular among kings, presidents, and aristocratic society. These days, everyone enjoys this game, from the lower to the upper class. Everyone plays this game. This game is played in schools as well. You can find pool games in your local school standard room as well. You can find this game in clubs and many places. In recent years, this game has become very popular.

Nowadays, not only this game, many games and things are available to all. Not by the same quantity and quality, but you can find it.

From the 14th century, billiard tables slowly started gaining popularity. And during the 1600s, it gained significant popularity. It had spread all across England and France. Almost all traces of the original version of this game played outside are lost now. But to maintain the traditional resemblance, the green cloth was used. The green material represents the grass on which the original game was played.

Nowadays, pool tables come in various colors, not just green. Generally, you will find green, but you can find many colored pool tables.

Why are Televised Pool Tables Blue?

You can notice the tournaments that are televised are primarily blue. Even though I already told you that pool tables could have color variations, you can see that televised pool tournaments have a blue table. And it is not like they have any colored tables. Why do they have blue? What is so particular about this color? And why does it only appear on TV? You could have a variety of colors, but why choose blue? And why not green?

Having a blue table on TV is not as traditional as the reason behind having green tables. The reason behind having a blue table in the pool is pretty practical.

Having a green-colored pool table becomes a problem in televised tournaments as it is more difficult to see on TV. Following the green plateau where the ball passes through the TV screen is challenging. Therefore, blue tables are used in TV tournaments for viewers to see better and enjoy the show more.

You must be wondering if you can see green colors on the TV well and have no problem, then why did they change the color? And that is because, nowadays, technology has made everything very easy and possible. You can always spot a blue-colored table in the US open pool championship. But it wasn’t like that from the beginning. And that’s why this started, and it is still going on. And this has become a tradition of its own.

Variety of pool table colors

You can get a variety of colors on the pool table. There is no necessity to use the green table. Tradition dictates the use of a green table. It is not essential to the game. You can either choose to follow this or not follow this tradition. There are many different colors of pool tables on the market. You can almost find any colored pool table you want. You can customize your pool table to any color you want.

Color variation in the pool has been encouraged by Hainsworth, who happens to be the UK’s industry leader in cue sports and table cloths. Since 1783, Hainsworth has been active and offers pool cloth in every color.

You will get any colored pool cloth that you like. You can find almost every color in your pool cloth from Hainsworth. You can see from different shades of red that there are many more.

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Removing Old felt

Removing old felt is a task you would not like to do if you are a beginner. I do not recommend doing this task if you are a beginner. This is a challenging task to tackle, and you should get it done by a professional. Removing old feelings by yourself will be foolish if you are not a professional. You don’t want to use any damage while removing old felt.

You do not want to do this if you are a beginner. But if you are willing to take such a risk, you can follow the steps that I will show you now. You can use these steps. But you must be super careful and do this at your own risk.

The steps of removing old felt are given down below:

Arranging all the equipment types

To remove the old felt, you will need all the equipment types. And the required types of equipment are a stapler, screwdriver, wax, glow, etc.; these things are necessary for removing the old felt. You have to ensure that you have these types of equipment ready before starting the work. This will ensure the job is executed in a controlled and disciplined manner.

Choose the felt

Before starting the process, choose the felt you will use. You must choose a felt that you think will complement your pool table. If you can make a wise decision here, your pool will look gorgeous afterward. But if you make a stupid choice, your entire pool table will look unprofessional. Therefore, it would be wise for you to make the right choice here.

Disassembling the table

Now, you have to start to work very carefully. You need to disassemble the pool table. While doing this task, you need to be very careful. To disassemble your pool table, you must take out the staples securing the pockets. Then you have to unscrew and bag the side rail bolts. It would be best if you were extremely careful while doing this. You need to make sure your eyes are protected while doing this.

Remove the old felt

Now, you have to remove the old felt carefully. You must ensure that you don’t leave any scratches while removing the old felt. This is one of the most intensive steps in this process. The felt surface of a pool table is connected to the slate bed in two ways. It’s either glued onto the slate bed or stapled onto it. While removing the old felt, you need to slowly tear any part of the old felt or slate bed. If your old felt is glued on, slowly pull off the old felt. You want to do this in a slow backward motion. When pulling the felt from around the pockets, be extra careful. And if the felt is stapled, use your flathead screwdriver to remove the staples holding the felt in place. After removing the old felt, fold it neatly and place it aside.

Clean the slate

You have to clean the slate now. While you do this, make sure to be gentle. You don’t want to harm the slate bed. This step is not extremely necessary.

Measure your pool table cloth size
To add a new felt, you need to measure your pool table. And adjust your cloth size to fit your table. You don’t want to have more or fewer clothes.

Added the updated felt

Now, you need to add the new felt. It is the most crucial step that you need to do. It would be helpful if you were extremely careful while doing this. You can’t leave any scratches. If there is a scratch on the surface, you won’t play correctly. That’s why you need to be very careful while doing this.

Apply wax and stapler where necessary

Use wax and stapler where needed. It would be best if you did not use wax or stapler everywhere. You should apply the wax and stapler where required, or you will regret it later. So, be aware of where you are putting your polish and staplers.

These were the steps of removing the old felt. You can follow these steps to remove or change your feelings. You must be careful while doing this work. And it is always a better idea to get it done by professionals.


You now know why green pool tables are used. In addition, you learn how to remove the old felt from pool tables. We also know that the pool cloth doesn’t have to be colorless. Other colors are possible, but green is traditionally used. I hope you find this article helpful. I hope you got the answers you were searching for.

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