What is a Triple Double in Basketball?

Basketball is a game that is loved by all. Everyone loves and watches this game, and not knowing its terms can get a little embarrassing. Especially if you plan to learn Basketball, you must know all about Basketball. It is okay not to know a few of these terms, but there is always time and room for knowledge. Even if you are a basketball fan, you should know the meaning of a triple-double in Basketball. The definition of triple-double is not complicated at all. So, don’t worry about getting confused. In this Info, I will explain the meaning of a triple-double in Basketball. So, if you want to know the explanation of triple-double in Basketball, then keep reading.

What is a Triple Double in Basketball

What is Triple-Double?

Basketball is a game of statistics. So, these statistics often judge or measure an individual’s performance. One can be considered or marked by their statistics in points, assists, rebounds, steals, and blocked shots. If you watch, play, or coach basketball, you must have heard these categories. If you coach basketball, then you know precisely about these categories. Generally, the player that scores the most points achieves the most accolades. But there is much more to the game than points. A good all-rounder player performs well in multiple categories. And a great basketball player can even make a triple-double. A triple-double is an excellent achievement in Basketball. And it is not gained quickly. You must be too advanced in Basketball to make triple-doubles.

A triple-double score in Basketball of at least ten points, ten rebounds, and ten assists by a single player. To better understand yours, a triple-double in Basketball is accomplishing double figures in three of the five major star categories.

The most straightforward kind of triple-double to achieve is the point’s rebounds assists triple-double. No point is easy to score. But traditionally, this triple-double is considered more comfortable than most others. A triple-double is a joint achievement in Basketball. Other than triple-double, there are also double-double, quadruple-double, and quintuple-double. The double-double is more common than the triple-double. And quadruple-double is less common than triple-double. And the quintuple double is hardly seen. Just by the name, you can guess the meaning of these terms.

You need to double-figure in two of the five major star categories in a double-double. And in quadruple-double, you need to accomplish a double-figure in four of the five major star categories. And in quintuple double, you need to achieve a double-figure in all five major star categories. The quintuple double is very rare as it is tough to achieve.

In the NBA, double-doubles are very common. They appear almost every night. They are easily achieved. And as the days have passed and many more basketball players showed up and became more advanced, it is seen regularly. And to its continuation, triple-doubles are not much uncommon as well. It was not this common before, but now it is commonly seen in matches.

Unlike these two, quadruple-double and quintuple doubles are very rare. They are not commonly seen. The quadruple-double was seen only four times in the history of the NBA. And if we talk about quintuple double, it has never occurred in the NBA.

How to make a triple-double?

As you have known by now, you need to reach double figures in any of the three-star categories to get a triple-double. Now the question is, how can you do that? Well, the answer is pretty simple. You need to understand the star categories and find your strengths and weaknesses. When you find your muscles, you must boost your power and improve. And by finding your fault, you will be able to identify the reasons behind your failures. And after catching those reasons, you must work on those points to make yourself useful in those categories. And you have to practice to become an all-rounder basketball player continually. And here, I’m going to explain the star categories to help you understand them better. And by reading this, you will get an insight into these star categories.


So what are the points? A point is considered when you throw the ball into the basket. You can get up to three points by throwing the ball into the basket. There is a three-point line on the basketball court. Let’s start from point one. To get one point, you need to do a free throw. And to get two points, you have to throw the ball into the basket from within the three-point line. And if you can throw the ball into the basket from outside the three-point line, you will get three points. And that’s how you can score a point. It would be best if you practiced a lot to master this category.


The idea of assistance is pretty straightforward. Don’t get confused about this. You need to assist a player just by name. You will have to play the role of assistant in this category. You will be able to get one point by helping. The thing that you will need to get to this point is to pass the ball. You will also get a point when you give a ball to a fellow team player and score a point. And this point will be counted in your profile. This might seem as if you are not scoring, but you will get the point by assisting. Assisting raises the team spirit and helps the overall game.


Rebound is when a referee has given you a free shot, but you could not get the ball throw the basket, but if a player from your team manages to recollect the ball, that will be considered a rebound. So, in a rebound, a player from your team recollects your ball after a failed throw in the basket. By rebound, your team gets a second opportunity to score a point.


In Basketball, there is an offensive and defensive team. The team with the ball is known as the offensive team. And the team without the ball is known as the defensive team. Stealing is taking the ball from the offensive team. You have to take the ball legally. There are specific ways of stealing. It would be best if you used the legal form of stealing. You must not touch or get in any physical contact with the opponent you have to steal from. You can take the chance of stealing when the opponent dribbles or throws the ball in the air. Stealing requires excellent skills to master. You must be careful not to make any physical contact while stealing.

Short Blocks:

You will block while playing on the defensive team. When you are on the defensive team, you will make the opponent fail to throw the ball into the basket. Think as if the opponent has thrown a ball to the basket, and you jumped and stopped the ball from entering the basket. That is known as blocking. For better understanding, you can compare this to the goalkeeper in football. A goalkeeper and blocker do a very similar job. However, the skills required to do both positions are very different. Blocking is an integral part of Basketball.

These were the five major star categories of Basketball. Now that you have understood these aspects well, you need to practice great at these categories.

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History of a triple-double

The term triple-double appeared in the basketball game in the early 1980s. At that time, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird entered the NBA. And they were one of the earliest all-around basketball players. They were able to perform well in multiple categories of Basketball. And that’s when the term tripled double has appeared.

Many claimed many stories of the origination of this term. Some believed that the public relations officer of the Los Angeles Lakers came up with the term triple-double. And others say that it was the statistician of the Philadelphia 76ers. And we are not sure what the real story is. We don’t even know if one of these stories is accurate. But there is one thing we know for sure: this term was first used in the early 1980s.

However, triple-doubles were going on in Basketball before the 1980s, but they were not tracked and named till the 80s. In the early days, steals and blocked shots were not recorded. For this reason, many say, Wilt Chamberlin would have had a triple-double every night. Since then, many players have achieved triple-doubles. And many became known for making triple-doubles.

Oscar Robertson was a legend in triple-doubles in the 1960s and the early 1970s. He was a master of triple-doubles. Per game, he nearly averaged a triple-double for his career at 25.7 points, 7.5 rebounds per game, and 9.5 assists. In his career, he made a record of 181 triple-doubles. And this record is still standing strong.

The term triple-double got way more famous after Ice Cube’s song “It Was a Good Day” was released in the 1990s. In that song, a line goes like “messed around and got a triple-double,” and this line made the term triple-double very famous and known to all. But in the 90s, the number of triple-doubles went down as players like Magic Johnson and Larry Bird retired. And after that, other players slowly started making triple-doubles, and slowly from 2009, the number of triple-doubles went up again. And form that time to now, many legends have served as the triple-double legends.

Top five triple-double champions

Many basketball players have been known for their triple-double scores. But there are a few legends whose names will always be remembered in Basketball. Here, I present you with the list of the top five players who hold the record for most triple-doubles made in history.

  1. Oscar Robertson: 181
  2. Magic Johnson: 138
  3. Russell Westbrook: 128
  4. Jason Kidd: 107
  5. LeBron James and Wilt Chamberlain: 78

These are the top five record-holding triple-double champions. But this list is continually changing as Basketball is being played all the time. And in each moment, new records are being made.

I hope you understand the meaning of a triple-double in Basketball by reading this article. Thank you for reading this article. I hope this article was helpful to you.


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