Regulation Pool Table Sizes – What is The Size of a Regulation Pool Table?

There are many things to keep in mind while shopping for pool tables. You need to know the correct pool size that you buy to fit your room. And it would be best if you purchased your pool table, keeping the size of your room in mind. And to figure out the right pool table size for you, you need to know and understand a few things.

You can transform any room with a pool table. You can turn a regular room into a hub of activity. You can convert this room for your close friends, family, and relatives, or even enjoy your own at the end of the day. This room can make you feel relaxed after a busy day of work. But this can be tricky as if you don’t do this right, you can ruin your whole room. You must be careful when doing this, as the size matters a lot.

Regulation Pool Table Sizes

You need to have the right size for your room. If you make a little mistake in choosing the wrong size, you won’t be able to play correctly and enjoy; something won’t fit right. And there will be a few dents for sure. And that’s why it is better to know about pool table sizes before buying it. And you need to know your room size correctly as well. You can often get the wrong sized pool table just because of the lack of proper measurement of the room. So, you need to know your room’s exact size.

To help you out, I have created this article as your guideline. This article will know about regulation pool table sizes, Us pool table sizes, and UK pool table sizes.

What is the regulation pool table?

When you ask for regulation pool table size, many are confused about regulation as they are unaware of the meaning of regulation pool table. To merely put regulation, regulation refers to the geometry of the playing field. Regulation pool tables are precisely twice as long as it is wide. Any table can be considered regulation if the width and long ratio are 1:2.

Well, the sizes are pretty simple. They are measured in feet. You can get from 6ft to 9ft. But you can also get anywhere less than 6 ft and more than 9 ft. However, tables are usually meant for kids below six feet. And more than nine feet can get a little comical. So, it would be best to consider getting in between six feet to nine feet pool tables.

Regulation pool table sizes

There are not many variations in regulation pool table sizes. The most common regulation pool table sizes are-

Bar size 7ft- (playfield: 39″ X 78″) these pool tables are commonly called bar size. And just by the name, you can guess this pool table can be commonly found in bars and pubs.

Standard 8ft- (playfield: 44″ X 88″) is the most common pool table size used at homes and private residences in the US.

Tournament 9ft- (Playfield: 50″ X 100″) this size is usually used in tournaments. This is the full size of the billiards table invented. Other than this, you can spot 7ft and 8ft pool tables in tournaments.

These are the standard regulation pool table sizes that are used. These are the most used ones, not all of them. There are many more than these. You can get quite a variation of pool table sizes. But as a beginner, you should not get too involved in those variations as you will get overwhelmed and confused. So, it is best to stick with the common ones.

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US pool table size

There is a variation in US and UK pool table sizes. Not only in the pool table, have most things had a different size amongst the UK and US. The US and the UK pool table’s main difference is that the US sizes are slightly more significant than the UK pool table size.

And you will be able to get more options for bigger sizes in the US. US 7 ft pool table is slightly longer than the UK 7 ft pool table due to the world’s measurement difference. This size is the smallest size available in the US. And this size is nearly two and a half meters in length. American 8 ft pool table is an average-sized pool table in the US. This is also quite popular in the UK. This is just a little over two and a half meters in length. A 9 ft pool table is mainly used only in the US. This pool table is nearly 3 meters long and over a meter and half in width.

Your pool table size should be chosen according to your room dimension. But the question is, how will you know the perfect-sized pool table for your room dimension? Well, you don’t have to worry about that as I will give you a chart for choosing the right size pool table according to your minimum room dimension in the US size. And the chart is presented below-

US pool 

Size and playing area


 Minimum Room Dimension 

Full-size cue 48.”


 Minimum Room Dimension 

Cue 52″


 Minimum Room Dimension 

Cue 58″

  7ft (78″ x 39″) 


14′ 6″ x 11′ 3″ 


15′ 2″ x 11′ 11″ 


16′ 2″ x 12′ 11″ 


  8ft (88″ x 44″) 


15′ 4″ x 11′ 8″ 


16′ x 12′ 4″ 


17′ x 13′ 4″ 


  8ft pro (92″ x 46″) 


15′ 8″ x 11′ 10″ 


16′ 4″ x 12′ 6″ 


17′ 4″ x 13′ 6″ 


  9ft (100″ x 50″) 


16′ 4″ x 12′ 2″ 


17′ x 12′ 10″ 


18′ x 13′ 10″ 


UK pool table size

In brutish, you will get more small sizes than in the US. In most clubs and pubs in the UK, making space is the key. So, the most common pool table size used in most UK clubs and pubs is 6ft. This is the best option if you are in a tight space and want to save up some space. You can get this option at home if you’re saving up space. 6ft might seem small and not the best quality of the playing pool, but this is the best option for a small space. British 7ft pool table is the regulation size table for eight ball pools used in tournaments and leagues. This is the most common option online. And this also comes in various formats such as folding, outdoor use, a multi-game surface, and doubling up as a dining table. Yes, you can also use it as a dining table.

And for this reason, you won’t have to get a dining table, saving you a lot of space and money. This pool table can be used for multitasking. 90% of pool tables supplied in the UK are seven ′ x 4′ overall size, giving you a six ′ x 3′ playing area. And this is the size that you would find in a pub. Now, I will present a chart for choosing your pool table size according to your minimum room dimension.

UK pool 

Size and playing area


Minimum Room Dimension 

Full-size cue 48″


Minimum Room Dimension 

Cue 52″


Minimum Room Dimension 

Cue 58″


6ft (63″ x 32″) 


13′ 3″ x 10′ 8″ 


14′ 3″ x 11′ 8″ 


15′ 3″ x 12′ 8″ 


7ft (72′ x 36″) 


14′ x 11′ 


15′ x 12′ 


16′ x 13′ 


8ft (84″ x 42″) 15′ x 11′ 6″ 


16′ x 12′ 6″ 


17′ x 13′ 6″ 


By reading this article, you now know what a regulation pool table and size are. You also know the US and the UK pool table size. I hope you have found this article helpful, and you will be able to choose the right size for your room dimension. Thank you for reading this article.

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