How Did the Invention of Basketball Change the World

Basketball is a trendy game. Everyone loves this game. Basketball is a sport that almost everyone knows about. But do you know who invented basketball? And how was it created? Basketball might be the only sport with complete, precise data on who invented it and when it happened? Basketball is one of the most famous games in the sports industry right now. This sport has gained a vast fan following. Some people love this game.

Invention of Basketball

You can be a basketball fan or a basketball player. If you love basketball and want to know more about basketball, then keep on reading.

History of Basketball

Before going into the history of basketball, I would like you to know about basketball a little bit. To be a basketball player, you must know about basketball. And even if you are just a basketball fan, what harm will a little knowledge do? If you are a player and know most of this information and want to know history, you can skip the part and get to history.

Basketball is played between two teams of five players each on a rectangular court. You have to score by tossing the ball through your opponent’s goal. A basket is an elevated horizontal loop and net. You have to get a goal into this basket to score a point. This game is usually played indoors. And the team with the most score wins.

Basketball is the only major sport that is strictly from U.S. origins. James Naismith invented basketball in December of 1891. Basketball was invented at Springfield College. It was known as the International Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) Training School. James Naismith was an instructor in physical education at Springfield.

How the game was invented:

The purpose of inventing the game was to keep the students active in the cold winter and provide them with a sport that they can perform indoors. Keeping this in mind, Naismith invented this game. And soon, people started talking about this game.

Naismith was a 31-year-old graduate student at that time. He was given the task of assigning the students an indoor game that will keep them in shape during the cold winter by his senior. Naismith invented this game, which consisted of peach baskets and a soccer-style ball. Thus, the name basketball was invented.

Naismith nailed a fruit basket to the gym balcony’s lower railing and told the student to throw the basketball into the basket. It was a fruit basket, so every time someone scored, the game was paused, and the ball was brought down by the janitor who had to use a ladder. This was frustrating for everyone. And students were starting to lose interest in this game for the constant pauses. So, the bottom of the basket was removed after a while. And they noticed that the game had become more enjoyable.

Luther Halsey Gulick, superintendent of physical education at the College and today renowned as the father of physical education and recreation in the United States, introduced a new course in the psychology of play in the summer session of 1891. Gulick had mentioned the need for a new indoor sport, which would be attractive, comfortable, and played by artificial lights. This was sewed in Naismith’s mind. Before him, two instructors had tried and lost to gain a student’s interest.

In a meeting held about the dullness and unbridled energy of the class, Naismith had expressed that the problem was in the system that they were using, not in the students. And he said that students should be motivated and inspired to do the activities, and to feel this way, they need to have fun, and their playing instinct should be activated. Hearing him, Gulick gave this responsibility to Naismith.

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Naismith thought the game through many times to make sure that it had potential. He was inspired by many games of that time. And some of them are American rugby (passing), English rugby (the jump ball), lacrosse (use of a goal), soccer (the shape and size of the ball), and duck on a rock, a game Naismith had played with his childhood friends in Bennie’s Corners, Ontario. And he successfully invented basketball.

The game originally had 13 rules. They described some facts, the method of moving the ball, and fouls.

The first official Basketball game

The first basketball game was played at Springfield College. It was the 21st of December 1981. The game was played in the Armory Street court: 9 versus 9, using a soccer ball and two peach baskets. All of the students were not excited. Some were, and some were not excited. Eighteen students played the game. They are John G. Thompson, Eugene S. Libby, Edwin P. Ruggles, William R. Chase, T. Duncan Patton, Frank Mahan, Finlay G. MacDonald, William H. Davis, and Lyman Archibald, who defeated George Weller, Wilbert Carey, Ernest Hildner, Raymond Kaighn, Genzabaro Ishikawa, Benjamin S. French, Franklin Barnes, George Day and Henry Gelan. The score was 1 – 0. A few of the students proposed to call this game the “Naismith Game.” But the game was initially called basketball as it had a ball that had to goal at a basket. From there, the game received a lot of love and recognition in a healthy amount of time. And this sport gained a separate fan following. And basketball grew into the prevalent professional sport that it is today.

The journey of basketball

The journey of basketball is very healthy. It took its time to gain popularity, but it remained consistent. The game received attention right after it was born, but it didn’t gain much special attention it deserved immediately. It remained quiet shush yet constant in the first few decades.

Basketball grew slowly and steadily in popularity in the U.S. and internationally for the first three decades after world war II. And at that time, there were not many ways of promoting this sport. However, with the exposure of television, basketball received the attention that it always deserved. Especially during the 1980s, the game’s popularity exploded from all levels. The game reached its peak in the 1980s.

In that era, we had brilliant players as well. The game was thoroughly enjoyed at that time. Few of the legendary players were playing at that time, making history. And some of the most brilliant and legendary basketball players of that time are Earvin (“Magic”) Johnson, Julius Erving (“Dr. J”), Larry Bird, and Michael Jordan. At this time, with all the legends playing and exposure to the sport, the sport came into the limelight and received massive popularity and love from all over the world. It reached its maximum highs in a small amount of time. It had made its name in the sports industry alongside baseball and football.

Since the 1980s, basketball has been loved and adored by all. You can distinctly notice four areas of this sport developing during this time. And they are U.S. high school and college basketball, professional basketball, women’s basketball, and international basketball.

Basketball is a game that is loved by all. This game is one of the few sports whose origin can be undoubtedly said. And we can clearly state that James Naismith invented this game at Springfield College in 1891. Thank you for reading this article. I hope that you have found the answers to your questions.


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