When Does the Horse Racing Event Begin?

Horse racing is one of the most ancient sports globally and still holds royal and prestigious honor. If you are a horse racing enthusiast or bettor, this article will hopefully help you get to know the schedule of significant events in horse racing.

Horse racing is spectacular to watch and full of excitement. It’s an equestrian performance sport where a jockey or rider rides the horse over a set distance and competes with other horse riders to find out which horse is the fastest. Horse races without riders are more popular as no one can drive the horse. This traditional sport has been unchanged since classical antiquity. Horse racing has been so popular that people worldwide consider it a prestigious game and participate in regular events. Also, some people bet on horses and earn a lot of currency. Thoroughbreds are the best known for horse racing. Horse racing has gained popularity at its peak level in countries including the USA, Great Britain, Canada, Ireland, Australia, the UAE, etc.

When Does the Horse Racing Event Begin

Horse racing events are generally held every month. Different events and venues host the competition throughout the year. Horse racing revolves around some significant events that take place throughout the year. All the experienced and professional horse riders attend these critical events. The Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, Belmont Stakes, and Breeder’s Cup are significant events. The Grand National and Nakayama Grand Jump are also significant events people look forward to. In this article, I will discuss the schedule of these significant horse races.

The Preakness Stakes

If you love horse racing, you must hear about the Preakness Stakes. This event is considered the most famous event of all the horse racing championships. Originally, Preakness Stakes is an American thoroughbred horse race held at Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, Maryland.

Horse racing is among the world’s rich sports, and you can understand it by its prize money. Preakness Stakes is the second leg of the triple Crown so, it is also known as ‘The Second Jewel of Triple Crown.’ Pimlico hosted the first run of this event in 1873. The following year, after winning a colt in the first run, former Maryland governor Oden Bowie named the race Preakness Stakes. Participants are also attracted to this competition due to the prize money. The purse money of its inauguration in 1873 was $1000, which increased to $1,500,000 in 2014.

Each year, Preakness Stakes is grandly held on the third Saturday of May.

Belmont Stakes

Presenting another grade I stakes race of America. This race is also the thoroughbred 3-years-old horse race in the famous Belmont Park in Elmont, New York. There are also other names for this race, like ‘The Test of the Champion’ or ‘The Run for the Carnations’ and the Triple Crown’s third leg. The track covers a mile and a half and is familiar as ‘The Championship Track’ because almost every major American champion in racing history has competed on the racetrack. This venue is one of the finest racetracks in America. This prestigious horse racing event was inaugurated 153 years ago in 1867. Belmont Stakes is held on the first or second Saturday in June, three weeks after the Preakness Stakes. Many people gather at the racetrack each year to enjoy the mesmerizing horse race.

The Kentucky Derby

Any horse race enthusiast knows how it feels when the two-week-long Kentucky Derby Festival comes near hand. The Kentucky Derby is the first competition for the American Triple Crown. It is the Grade I Stakes race for Thoroughbreds of three years old. Every year, this event of full of excitement happens in Louisville, Kentucky, United States. People who love horse races usually know this event as “The Run for the Roses” because the winner is draped with a blanket of roses. Another famous nickname for this event is “The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports” or “The Fastest Two Minutes in Sports” because it is the approximate event duration. You can imagine how fast the horses are at this event.

The Kentucky Derby was inaugurated in 1875. This horse race event occurs annually on the first Saturday of May. The distance for this event is one and a quarter-mile.

Breeders’ Cup

Breeders’ Cup is an international horse race championship where people worldwide can participate and enjoy this spectacular event. The Breeders’ Cup Limited is the company that has operated The Breeders’ Cup World Championships since its inauguration in 1984. This is the annual series of grade I three years old Thoroughbreds. This event does not settle with a specific site. Each year, participants get various horse tracks for the competition. So, the distance of the track changes according to the sites. Most of the sites are in the United States, except in 1996, when the race took place at the Woodbine Racetrack in Canada. Before 2007, it was a single-day event. In 2007, this event was extended to two days. Another attraction is the prize money for the winner. Purse money can range from $1 million to $6 million depending on the race. On the race track, the Breeders’ Cup World championship happens at different times each year. However, the Breeders’ Cup schedule is in late October or early November.

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The Grand National

The Grand National is a prominent part of British culture and is held annually at Aintree Racecourse, near Liverpool, England. This is a national hunt racing with a distance of about 4 miles, 514 yards, and ale most extensive tracks of all events. It takes about 10 minutes to finish the race as it is handicap steeplechase racing, so horses have to face lots of difficulties to win and jump 30 fences over two laps. If you ask about the most valuable horse race in Europe, I would reply with The Grand national. The winner of this event got about 1 million euros in 2017. This event debuted its first race about 181 years ago, in 1839. Since then, it has become so popular amongst people of England that people who are not fond of horse racing can’t miss this event. Almost always, the Grand National is held on the first or second Saturday of April.

Nakayama Grand Jump

You can’t miss this Japanese horse racing event if you are passionate about this sport. Nakayama Grand Jump is a Steeplechase horse racing of four years old Thoroughbreds. There are two steeplechase horse races on Japanese turf; one of them is Nakayama Grand Jump. Both racing events use the same race track, the Nakayama racecourse, with slight customizations. This particular event’s distance is two and two-third miles or 4250 meters, 4000 meters until 2000. Inaugurated in 1999, Nakayama Grad Jump is not a very old horse race, yet it managed to cover a great extent of fame. Nakayama grand jump is one of the wealthiest steeplechase racing in the world with a pretty good amount of purse money. According to the recent update of this event, this racing has purse money of 142,660,000 yen, equivalent to $1.3 million. Usually, in the mid of April, this super exciting racing takes place.

Other significant events for horse racing are Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe, The Royal Ascot, Dubai World Cup, Melbourne Cup, etc.

Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe is Europe’s most significant racing event, which is also merely familiar as Arc. This event is held on the first Sunday of October at Longchamp Racecourse on the Seine banks in Paris annually. With the vast purse money of 4 million euros, it is among the highest prizes among horse racing events.

The Royal Ascot is a week-long series on five consecutive days in mid-June.

Dubai is very famous for horse racing and betting. Dubai World Cup is a global horse racing event organized at the Meydan Racecourse since its first run in 1996. It is the richest horse race in the world, having $10 million purse money. This grand event is held annually on the last Saturday in March.

Happy racing! Horse racing has always been the sport of super excitement and intense exhilaration. I hope this article can help you schedule dates for your upcoming horse races.

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